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W niedzielę 16 sierpnia przeżywamy Dzień solidarności z mieszkańcami Bejrutu, którzy ucierpieli z powodu wybuchu 4 sierpnia b.r. Na skutek eksplozji zginęło kilkaset osób, kilka tysięcy zostało rannych, a ponad 300 tysięcy pozostaje bez dachu nad głową. W naszej parafii datki na pomoc potrzebującym zbieramy 15 i 16 sierpnia. Część środków trafi do CARITAS, część zostanie przekazana bezpośrednio do Bejrutu do Księdza Elie Estephan SAADE, który zwrócił się do nas o pomoc. Ks. Elie, kapłan maronicki jest proboszczem pochodzącym z dzielnicy Achrafieh w Bejrucie. Poniżej publikujemy jego list.

Dear father Zbigniew Stefaniak,

Dear Polish friends,

Tuesday, the 4th of August 2020, at 6:05 pm, an explosion arising from the Port of Beirut has rocked the city, followed by another one, two seconds later! The effect of the explosion brought us back to the memory of the atomic bomb dropped in 1945 on Hiroshima in Japan! The very dark black smoke has covered the sky of Beirut, while the flames are blazing. All the firefighters of the city and the suburbs were engaged to put the fire down, but without success.


Beirut, reduced to rubble!

"The explosion in Warehouse No. 12 at the port of Beirut, where more than 2,700 tons of ammonium nitrate were stored since 2014," a highly explosive material. For us, that is not a very convincing story since “Ammonium Nitrate” wouldn’t burst, if away from tough flames that would trigger it to explode.

The well-known building of the wheat silos, adjoining warehouse No. 12, is completely destroyed and yet it has always been said that it was built with reinforced concrete and therefore indestructible!

Even churches are hit hard: Walls fell, doors, windows, chairs and desks were blown up; the electrical, communication and sanitary installations are cut off. The bishopric church is badly damaged.

Buildings destroyed or gutted, the wounded and victims are littered in the streets. People are crying for help. This is desolation. The nearby Saint George Hospital is destroyed and other hospitals have been called in to pick up the 150 patients that are already hospitalized. The Saint Georges Cathedral of the Orthodox and the Saint Georges Cathedral of the Maronites as well as the Saint Maroun church in the city center and that of Saint Antoine and others, are damaged dramatically.

The ongoing, roughly estimated tragedy record hit so far 125 dead, 4,000 wounded, dozens of missing, and 300,000 homeless!

The heart breaking scenes: horror, desolation, anger, destruction everywhere, streets crammed with embankments, broken glass, hundreds of gutted or charred cars, buildings destroyed or about to fall ...

Despite all the destruction, this is not the first time that we have felt that we are not alone, the hand of God and the Holy Virgin were with us.

Dear Polish friends, we are, as a church, totally in solidarity with the afflicted, the families of the victims, the wounded, and the displaced; and we are already ready to welcome them at our institutions.

We call on you for action, in order to provide immediate assistance to save the city of Beirut, preferably before winter comes in with its rainy days and cold nights.

We also ask you Polish friends, you who are known for your love to Lebanon, to come to the aid and support of the victims by any available means to help us recover from our distress.

Help us bring Lebanon back to the one once described by Our Beloved Saint John Paul II, "Lebanon is more than a country, it is a message".

God Bless you. thank you

Father Elie Estephan SAADE
Beirut- Lebanon.

IBAN: for donation in dollar : LB68005600000000003768570011

             For Donation In euro: LB41005600000000003768570012

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